This town. Everybody’s always looking at me, like… there’s Sean, just got back from juvie. What’s crazy Sean gonna do next?

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It was worth to wait for ATX Television Festival's official HQ Recording of the Roswell Reunion Panel. Enjoy!!

It’s not completely one sided, is it?

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- No. It’s just… it’s a long story. 
Oh, well, I certainly don’t want to hear a long story unless there’s a Kennedy involved. 

i wish there had been more of this friendship urhh   max evans   maria deluca   

the shampoo and conditioner im still laughing   michael babyyyy   michael and maria   max evans   

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roswell emojis / inspired by x

so i did a thing   emojis didnt even exist when this show was made but do i care no i do not   michaels really bothers me but i couldnt find anything for him   roswell   liz parker   max evans   isabel evans   michael guerin   maria deluca   alex whitman   kyle valenti   emojis   

"I guess that makes us even."

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No one does that to Maria, all right? She’s not just some girl!

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