Maria’s face!

amazing   maria deluca   liz parker   amy deluca   jim valenti   

not feeling this rn   cause this episode just had to get worse   kyle valenti   jim valenti   


Your mother and I forbid you to see Max anymore

max and liz   

"Okay, but tell me you’re not just some guy with a fat Buddha statue who prays to get laid on Friday night."

KYLE MY SON   I AM IN LOVE   kyle valenti   

Tess Harding + Food

tess harding   

i feel this   amy deluca   

"That’s like, miraculous, you know, this is-this is the biggest moment of Alex Charles Whitman’s life. It’s just- it’s amazing, you know, I-it’s totally amazing, it’s-it’s too amazing- oh, God. It’s a joke, isn’t it? It’s a practical joke. You two are in on it, you bastards…”

!!!!!   i looove this   alex whitman   


love of my life   kyle valenti   


Max & Liz + dance


Max & Liz + dance

max and liz